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Purchasing or Selling a Florida Quota License

If you are selling your Florida Quota Liquor License, we offer a couple options:

1. List your license with us and your license will be placed in the multiple listing system so brokers that deal with retail beverage license buyers will have access to your listing to get a fair price and sold quickly. Your listing will be available to over 1000 brokers statewide. These brokers deal directly with the buyers of liquor stores, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Depending on county, listings are only 60-90 days.  

2. If you choose not to list, just call or email us with the details and we will find a buyer if we do not already have one waiting.

3. Reasonable fees vary based on county and license value. This means you net more and buyers pay less.


If you are buying a Florida Quota liquor license, we will accommodate your liquor license acquisition in a confidential, efficient, and timely manor. 

Just fill out the Liquor License Inquiry form below to get started or call my direct line at 727-403-9933.

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