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Employees and Businesses Affected by the Coronavirus

First and foremost I just hope everyone stays calm and this thing starts getting better by the day soon. At this point in time, the only thing we can do is do our part in distancing and help stop the spread of this so we can get back to business as usual as soon as possible. It could get worse before it gets better so It may take a while for that to happen but we are resilient and only together we can make it happen. As of now, they are still working on passing the stimulus package that will be of a little help to most but we shall see what it is when it is finalized. For business owners, there is a loan available at this time if you need it.. From my understanding, it is a 0% interest for 12 months then goes to 12% interest after that if not repaid.. Please discuss with your atty/accountant to see if this makes sense, the site to apply is . For those that did not know, the IRS pushed the April 15th deadline back 90 days to file taxes if needed (whew!lol)

Employees, please remember that your managers and owners are in a horrible position right now and are at risk of losing everything.. Many owners I know have laid off their employees so they can collect unemployment asap as there is no waiting period at this time so they decided that to be the best option for all. Please remember to be kind to and help each other in this trying time as business WILL rebound stronger than ever. Everyone is going "stir crazy" and will be out in force once this is over!

There are a lot of programs"popping up" to help the hospitality workers but please... do your due diligence as there are many that are scams! Many areas are doing "virtual" tips paid directly to your favorite service staff that is deposited directly to them and not a third party. (these would be the most legit I have seen thus far) Please comment with any other suggestions.. I have many friends in the hospitality industry from owners to managers to hourly and tipped staff so if there is anything I can do to help, please reach out during this trying time and I will do what I can. I can be reached by email at or on my direct line at 727 403 9933.

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