What Type of Investment is Right for You?

You must first ask yourself what you would want to put in to the deal for both time and cash. Almost every investment has a return directly relating to "risk vs reward".  Some more "passive" investors may prefer a commercial Triple Net investment with National Tenant already in place. Some may purchase an underperforming property at a discount and invest time and money into the property to bring it to where it is performing. Some may purchase a Business Opportunity that may bring in a much higher return but will take a great deal of your time. I have outlined some of the types of opportunities we can help you with below.  

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are an excellent way to provide a great income and could also be one of the best returns for the amount of cash invested. They are rarely a passive investment and you will need to put time and operate the business successfully to gain the most return though there are some that can be run "semi absentee". The most successful people in these types of opportunites have some experience in the type of business that they decide to purchase and will operate in a "hands on" capacity at least until the business reaches its full potential. Depending on the negotiated purchase price, the cash flow, the structure and the potential for growth, the returns on business opportunites can range from 20-100% yearly return on your investment and depending on the deal can provide exeptional "cash on cash" returns.  Again, with great return comes more risk along with personal involvement so make sure you are comfortable with operating and growing the business and do your "due diligence" before taking over the business.