Call my direct line at 727-403-9933 or fill in the "buyer registration" form at the bottom of this page to get started TODAY!

Fill out the "business inquiry" form at the bottom of this page to get started or call my direct line at 727 403 9933. 


Identify the Types/Sizes/Locations of Businesses you Want to Purchase

Look at your own experience, interests and/or hobbies to decide what type of opportunity will be right for you. Remember, passion is the number one reason for a business being successful so make sure it is something that will be rewarding to you both personally and financially. 

Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreements are Important

To view or get any detailed information on any businesses for sale you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Respect this part of the process and keep the sale of all businesses confidential.

Research and Ask Questions

One you have identified a business of interest, do some research on the location. I suggest a visit as a customer to the business as a great start. You can buy a product from the business or use their services to see the business from a consumers point of view. Remember your confidentiality agreement when doing this though and do not discuss the sale with anyone. Make a list of questions that you may have and set a meeting with the seller to get them answered. 

Make an Offer if you Like a Business – Get the Process Started
A majority of business buyers are too timid when buying a business and are not willing to "pull the trigger" and sign a purchase agreement to start the process of buying a business. Many serious buyers lose out on great deals because they're too analytical or pensive about writing up an offer. Writing up an offer also usually "locks out" other potential buyers (your competition) for a period of time so you can take a look at important business records and info.

Due Diligence

You should always use professional services when purchasing a business opportunity. Hire a CPA and/or licensed attorney help guide you through the process and review the info provided to make sure it is in order. Contracts should always have a due diligence time period that allow the buyer to review the information make a decision as to whether the opportunity suits their needs. 


I look forward to assist you with the most important purchase of your life!!


Damon Desautel 

Business Inquiry

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